How to build your pantry #1: Pesto

Hello pasta peeps! 

And welcome to the first installment of how to build your pantry/quick meals/not-quite-recipes. 
Today we’re going to talk about pasta al pesto. 

The big plate of pasta you can see in this picture is what I cooked on Saturday with a couple of leftover portions of our fresh pasta from from the Farmer’s Market.

But let’s start from the pesto! 

I always keep some in the press/freezer. If you can make your own or buy a fresh one that’s obviously ideal but there’s no shame in having jars in the press that last a bit longer.
When considering which pesto to go for, always look at the ingredients – the best ones will have very few and preferably of good quality.

Once you have your pesto of choice, this can be your sauce or a base to which you can add a variety of ingredients to make it more nutritious or adapt it to what you need. Think vegetables (tomatoes, rocket, etc) salami (chorizo, fennel salami) or nuts (the same ones already contained in the pesto or whatever you have handy!).

This is a quick way to modify your pasta sauce according to the season, or depending on what you have lying around, and it will only take you the time needed to cook your pasta.
I can’t stress this enough, always shop your pantry!

We hope this post might give you some dinner ideas! Pasta al pesto can be a really easy, delicious meal that takes no time to prepare.


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