What We Make

Fresh Pasta

Pappardelle (Contains 1, 3)
Broad and flat strips of egg pasta.

Tagliatelle (Contains 1, 3)
Traditional egg pasta.

Filled pasta which we change seasonally every month.

Lasagne Sheets (Contains 1, 3)
Create your own 3 layer lasagne. 8 sheets for a dish approx. 21cm x 27cm. Made to order only.

Homemade Sauces

Traditional Tuscan Tomato Sauce (Contains 9)
A simple yet very tasty tomato-based sauce cooked in the traditional Tuscan style.

Meat Ragù (Contains 9, 12)
Made following Stella’s family recipe: we combine beef and pork, add a few secret ingredients then slow cook it for at least 3 hours to give it a deep, complex flavour.

Vegan Ragù (Contains 9, 12)
We simply substitute the meat for lentils, keeping the same slow cooking and secret ingredients. Surprisingly similar to the traditional Ragù and just as delicious.

Spicy ‘Nduja Sauce We cook our Spicy ‘Nduja Sauce using the delicious (and fiery hot) Calabrian sausage of the same name, along with mixed peppers and a tomato sauce base.

Seasonal Pesto (Vegan) (Contains 8)
Our freshly made pesto uses seasonal ingredients to create a different variety of pesto for each time of year, such as kale, wild garlic and basil. Ask us about our current seasonal pesto!

Fresh Lasagne

Classic Lasagne (Contains 1, 3, 7, 9, 12)
The old favourite made using our meat ragù filling.
Single portions available from our fridges. Family Trays available to order.

Vegetarian Lasagne (Contains 1, 3, 7, 9, 12)
A twist on the classic using our vegan ragù sauce.
Single portions available from our fridges. Family Trays available to order.

Allergens: 1_Wheat 2_Crustaceans 3_Eggs 4_Fish 5_Peanuts 6_Soybeans 7_Milk 8_Nuts 9_Celery 10_Mustard 11_Sesame seeds 12_Sulphites 13_Lupins 14_Molluscs

The beef we use is locally sourced and 100% Irish.

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